Microgrid operation strategies

Currently available DG technologies provide a wide variety of different active and reactive power generation options. The final configuration and operation schemes of a microgrid depend on potentially conflicting interests among different stakeholders involved in electricity supply, such as system/network operators, DG owners, DG operators, energy suppliers, customers and regulatory bodies. Therefore, optimal operation scheduling in microgrids can have economic, technical and environmental objectives

Depending on the stakeholders involved in the planning or operation process, four different microgrid operational objectives can be identified: economic option, technical option, environmental option and combined objective option.

In the economic option, the objective function is to minimize total costs regardless of network impact/performance. This option may be envisaged by DG owners or operators. DGs are operated without concern for grid or emission obligations. The main limitations come from the physical constraints of DG.

The technical option optimizes network operation (minimizing power losses, voltage variation and device loading), without consideration of DG production costs and revenues. This option might be preferred by system operators.

The environmental option dispatches DG units with lower specific emission levels with higher priority, disregarding financial or technical aspects. This is preferred for meeting environmental targets, currently mainly supported by regulatory schemes. DG dispatch is solely determined by emission quota; only DG physical limitations are considered.

The combined objective option solves a multi-objective DG optimal dispatch problem, taking into account all economic, technical and environmental factors. It converts technical and environmental criteria into economic equivalents, considering constraints from both network and DG physical limits. This approach could be relevant, for instance, to actors that participate not only in classical energy markets, but also in other potential markets for provision of network services and emission certificates

MICROGRIDS: Architectures and Control
Nikos Hatziargynou


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