J907e: Microturbine power plant (representative scheme)…

Microturbina power plant

More recently, a new generation of very small gas turbines has entered the marketplace. Often referred to asmicroturbines, these units generate anywhere from about 500 watts to several hundred kilowatts. The figure illustrates the basic configuration including compressor, turbine, and permanent-magnet generator, in this case all mounted on a single shaft. Incoming air is compressed to three or four atmospheres of pressure and sent through a heat exchanger called arecuperator, where its temperature is elevated by the hot exhaust gases. By preheating the compressed incoming air, the recuperator helps boost the efficiency of the unit. The hot, compressed air is mixed with fuel in the combustion chamber and is burned. The expansion of hot gases through the turbine spins the compressor and generator. The exhaust is released to the atmosphere after transferring much of
its heat to the incoming compressed air in the recuperator.

Gilbert M. Masters. “Renewable and Efficient Electric Power Systems”. Jhon Wiley & Sons, Inc., New Jersey. ISBN 0-471-28060-7. 2004



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