Typical step response of a micro-turbine

Transient changes in load power demand may result from faults in transmission line or load switching. For instance, a 75-kW Honeywell micro-turbine took about 35 s to respond for a 50%change in power demand under the grid-connected mode of operation.On the other hand, some fuel cells require about 10 s for a 15% change in power output.Furthermore, a fuel cell also has a recovery period of a few minutes to establish equilibrium before it can meet another step change in power output. The typical response that can be expected of a micro-turbine for a step change in load demand is illustrated in Figure. In the figure, PL denotes the load power demand, PS is the response of the micro-turbine, and (PL-PS) is the short age in power that needs to be supplied through some means. Inthe grid-connected mode of operation, the grid supplies the shortage in power until the micro-source responds to a step changein power demand. However, in the island mode of operation, this sudden demand can be met only if
additional storage is included in the MSDG system.

G. Venkataramanan, M.S. Illindala, C. Houle, and R.H. Lasseter. “Hardware Development of a  Laboratory-Scale Microgrid Phase 1—Single Inverter in Island Mode Operation”. NREL. November 2002 • NREL/SR-560-32527


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