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simulations load diagram electric

During operation a microgrid, sometimes; renewable energy sources and the external power grid, dispatched electric energy simultaneously. Sometimes, many sources is neccesary for supply to electric load. Also, all it, considering both economic and technical criteria. The figure represent la connection and disconnetion of sources for each state of performance of a microgrid. Too, it is applicable to other similar electric systems.


energy of each source accumulate

In a microgrid, each energy source is required according to the criterion of costs and production capacity. During the operation time, accumulative energy from each source is represented in the figure. Criteria of linear optimization has been used in this modelling and simulation. This allows determining the nominal capacity and the ability to respond to sudden requests. Made on Matlab of MathWorks Inc.


A microgrid operate in state stable in this simulation made on Matlab. Each state represent a determinate time (10 minutes, 15 minutes o more o less). But during this time, la Microgrid makes calculations of energy cost dispatched for each source. The imagen is the global cost of microgrid (or similar or other electric system considering all costs).  The microgrid optimizer decides in base a linear programming the connection and disconnection of each source.