Path to the Perfect Power System

The basic philosophy in developing the perfect power system is first to increase the independence, flexibility, and intelligence for optimization of energy use and energy management at the local level; and then to integrate local systems as necessary or justified for deliveringperfect power supply and services.

This path started with the notion that increasingly consumers expect perfection in the end-use devices and appliances they have. Not only does portability enable a highly mobile digital society; but also once perfection in portability is defined, it provides elements of perfection that enable, in turn, a localize perfect system. Localized perfect systems can also accommodate increasing consumer demands for independence, convenience, appearance, environmentally friendly service and cost control.

Local systems can in turn be integrated into distributed perfect systems. Distributed perfect systems can, in turn be interconnected and integrated with technologies that ultimately enable a fully integrated perfect power system. The figure summarizes each of these system configuration stages.

Each of these configurations can essentially be considered a possible structure for the perfect power system in its own right, but each stage logically evolves to the next stage based on the efficiencies, and quality or service value improvements to be attained. In effect, these potential system configuration stages build on each other starting from a portable power system connected to other portable power systems which then can evolve into a building integrated power system, a distributed power system and eventually to a fully integrated power system.

Clark W. Gellings.The Smart Grid. CRC Press. 2009. ISBN-10 0-88173-623-6



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