Microgrid operation of grid-tied mode

The figure illustrates the concept of the power management method in the grid-tied mode and the bolded curve represents a load demand curve during a day. If the output sum of the DGs is sufficient to charge the storage elements, any excessive power is supplied to ac grid. If the sum of the power of the DGs and the storage elements is deficient with respect to the load demand, the required power is supplied from the ac grid. In the grid-tied mode, power management is performed in a complementary manner between storage elements and as a result the DC micro-grid can operate safely and efficiently

Ji-Heon Lee, Hyun-Jun Kim, Byung-Moon Han, Yu-Seok Jeong, Hyo-Sik Yang and Han-Ju Cha “DC Micro-Grid Operational Analysis with a Detailed Simulation Model for Distributed Generation” Journal of Power Electronics, Vol. 11, No. 3, May 2011



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