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difference of time connected beetwen condensers of a bank condensers

This is my simulation made on Matlab/Simulink about difference time of conextion in bank condensers. The reactive power change in the time and it is aleatory. In this context, the mathematical models have that made the emulation of this performance.


Simulation of the changes in supply of reactive power in Condenser Bank

Any Condenser Bank have many condensers of equal or different capacity. Its is connected in function to the need of reactive power in the distributed network or microsource connected. The change time in the real world is aleatory and stochastic. This figure is a emulation by this problem. Maximum time change of 5 minutes (8.333 in this vertical scale). Horizontal scale is the progressive number times of realization change

CERTS Microgrid test bed

The CERTS Microgrid program has developed control methods to allow the installation of distributed generators (DGs) in commercial and industrial electric power systems in a “plug and play” manner. These control methods allow the generators to be electrically distributed, rather than be installed on the same electrical bus, and do not require intergenerator communications in order to maintain appropriate voltage and frequency at each generator. Note in figure that there is a communication link with the DGs that is labeled “Energy Manager”. This is a conventional  energy manager that is used for power dispatch purposes, not  for frequency or voltage control. This energy manager can  use relatively slow communications links, such as telephone  or internet, since it has no bearing on system stability.

John Stevens “CERTS Microgrid System Test”. IEEExplore