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I share what I have published in my other blog, with this I contribute one more grain of sand to understand the behavior of this global pandemic: coronavirus COV-19

At the level of the distribution system, voltage control services focus on maintaining power system voltage within the prescribed bounds during normal operation and during – and especially following – disturbances by keeping the balance between generation and consumption of reactive power. Voltage control includes reactive power supply (injection or absorption), and it can be provided by dynamic sources (generators, synchronous compensators) and static sources (capacitor banks, static voltage controllers, and FACTS devices), including network equipment such as tap-changing transformers in the substations and loads. Voltage control has two targets: (a) Steady-state reactive power/voltage control, (b) Dynamic voltage stability.

Source: Antonio Moreno-Munoz. “Large Scale Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources”. The Institution of Engineering and Technology. 2017.

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