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The rapid increase in the integration of distributed resources such as distributed generation (DG), demand response (DR) and electricity storage (ES) requires management schemes to integratedistributed resources into low and medium electricity networks. Energy management represents a challenge for operation of electric grids when distributed resources are merged into the network. This paper address the energy management of distributes resources considering a complete characterization of them. The feasibility of those resources is considered into a microgrid model, so, thedistributed resources are integrated through of a microgrid. This paper proposes the integration ofdistributed resources using a microgrid concept because there are relevant advantages of this model. The operational advantages are evident from the results. The results show how effectively differentenergy resources can be managed into the grid in the most efficient way.

Published in:

Circuits and Systems (CWCAS), 2014 IEEE 5th Colombian Workshop on

Date of Conference:

16-17 Oct. 2014


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