My name is Jorge Luis. My last name is: Mírez Tarrillo.

I am Peruvian. I live in Lima, capital of Perú in South America.

I studied Mechanical Electrical Engineering, MSc Physics and actually to study Doctoral Program in Physics (title thesis: Control, Optimization and Management of Microgrid Current Direct).

Actually, I am independient research (Renewable Energies and Microgrids) and also work in development electrical and mechanical installations for peruvian hospitals. I was a Associate Professor in Faculty of Sciences of Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería in Lima – PERU (Courses: Control Theory, Heat Transfer and Electromagnetism) and as Engineer in Support Biomedical Office in “Cayetano Heredia” Hospital in Lima – PERU.

My subjects of me interest are: control, optimization, simulation in biomedical systems (equipment and research in health and space live support) and smart grid – microgrid.

I have experience in: Matlab, Simulink, Windows, Medical Equipment, Electrical Network, Steam Water Satured. My hobbies are Music (saxphone and flute pan) and swwiming.

My email:  and

My web site: with option of translation to English.

My Facebook: and my Fanpage Facebook is

My web site personal  Here there is acces to my other blogs: Control Theory, Water Magnetic, Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Personal Motivation and more.

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